cerita seks melayu is sometimes personal, and sometimes unique.

What makes a storyteller unique is the way he or she captivates their audience.

It like a song well rehearsed, and then preformed, it just sends shivers down your back.

The words, become more than words, they become real, in the sense, that we can relate to. cerita seks melayu is a gift, that few have, but most, would like. The words that flow from the mouth of our teller can be a magical moment or a disaster. The captive audience is always the best critics.

cerita seks melayu takes us to a place and time, that relaxes even the most harden souls. The storyteller has a story to tell. With anticipation, the story unfolds. We want a story to inspire us, to bring us joy, to get to our very souls. With each word crooned out, it becomes obvious, of the reaction.

We are all ears, with long awaited anticipation. A story can have humor, it can be dramatic, or it can just down right bore the listener. The storyteller, can either use, facial expressions, or hand gestures. It is all part of the storyteller's recital, his magical way with words.

What affects us most about a good story? That depends upon the individual. It may bore him to tears, or lift up his spirit. With every good story, there seems to be that one story, that comes around, that we talk about, we shout out with gusto. It gets us emotional, it bring out the best and sometime the worst in us. We tell others of our experience, we see the excited joy it bring. The story takes on a life of its own we have won the moment.