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The warm ups help stretch the hand and leg muscles before a routine. The barre exercises are especially helpful in this regard. Regular practice on the barre helps improve footwork to a great extent. Dancers also increase the accuracy of their footwork on the barre.
The last of the exercises entails stretching the trunk outwards with one hand sweeping above the head. In all of the above exercises the hips should not be pushed out. It is important to maintain the same basic posture for all three steps. In the last step the dancer should stretch out as far as possible without forcing himself or herself.
The ballet bar allows beginners and novice dancers to do a variety of exercises to improve their posture and steadiness. The barre exercises come in many forms and involve foot and hand work. These exercises are used as warm-ups and form the basis for complicated routines.
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Most dancers are advised to include barre exercises as a significant proportion of their routines. This holds for beginners and advanced learners. The cardinal barre exercises are monotonous and extremely slow. This is however their main strength. The exercises help build strength in the dancer's feet and legs.
It is important to perform stretches on ballet dance bars. These are done by placing one leg on the barre with the supporting leg straight. The toes are pointed and the back is held straight. After that the dancer should bend forward and stretch the spine while keeping the legs straight.
They also help the dancers learn correct dance postures. These exercises benefit a dancer by giving him or her better steadiness and balance.
The barre exercises don't just benefit the extremities. Resistance building helps to prepare the trunk and back for jumps and turns. The spine also becomes stronger and flexible with resistance exercises.